Cates Park, July

THANKS TO ALL WHO MADE THIS HAPPEN!  and Patty Tougas for the report.

Thankfully the rain stopped Friday night and with the help of Jim Patterson, Sue Anderson and Patty Tougas in the early morning, the courts were made dry enough by the time the session began at 10am.  Eighteen people showed up to register with Margaret Kennedy and so we quickly taped two of the back tennis courts with kitchen lines to allow for all to participate on 4 courts.  Our coaches were Heather Fleming, Salma Mitha, Jim Patterson and Dave Fairall.  Betty Eisenhauer was our photographer and Ann Westwood and Margaret doubled up for ball girls which was a much-appreciated asset on the expansive tennis courts.  The participants were all very engaged and so happy to learn the simple basics of the game and thoroughly enjoyed playing games up to 5 pts which gave them many opportunities to mix and mingle with the other players.