Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Club?

From the Murdo Frazer Potluck, Monday September 2.

1.    In what year did Lilly and Ed contact Parkgate and West Vancouver Recreation centers and lobby for playing times?

       A.  2004           B.  2007           C.  2010           D.  2013

2.    Our Pickleball BC president is a local person you may have played with and/or read his monthly newsletter.  His name is:

A. Allan            B. Bruce          C.  Charles          D. Walter

3.    The total number of permanent outdoor pickleball courts on the North Shore now number:

       A.  5                      B.  8               C.  10              D.  12

4.    The total number of outdoor tennis courts lined for pickleball on the North Shore now number:

       A.  0 – 10        B.  11 – 15     C.  16 – 20       D.  over 20

5.    North Vancouver City recently surveyed the public about park improvements and announced permanent pickleball courts will be added next year to:

       A.  Grand Blvd.  B.  Mahon  C.  Waterfront  D.  Harry Jerome

6.    A new community recreation center is being built in the Lions Gate Village with a full-sized gymnasium for basketball, volleyball, badminton, and pickleball.  It is scheduled to open:

       A.  2020        B.  2021        C. 2022        D.  its fiction!

7.    NSPC members have met at a number of pubs this winter.  Which location was NOT visited?

       A.  Red Lion          B.  Two Lions      C. Colony        D.  Raven

8.    The NSPC website has a background colour of:

       A. yellow         B.  green            C.  orange        D.  blue

9.    How many people have joined the NSPC in the last 3 months, June – August?

       A.  0 – 25       B . 25 – 50      C.  51 – 100       D.  over 100

10.  Our Facebook page currently has –?- followers.

       A.  0 – 50       B. 51 – 100      C.  101 – 200   D.  over 200

ANSWERS:  1- B, 2-D, 3-B, 4-A (6)**, 5-B, 6-A, 7-D, 8-A, 9-D (109), 10-B (98)

** Apologies that the number given at the Potluck was incorrect.