Questions and Answers from the 2020 Deemed AGM

Question/CommentNSPC Board Response
Thank you for all that you do behind the scenes. Thanks. Thank You!! I like virtual AGM’s. Let’s get back playing!!! A huge thank you to all of the above volunteers!!! Hopefully we can get out and play soon. Thank you for the work of the Board, committees and various volunteers to make PB on the NS so accessible, athletically challenging, welcoming and enjoyable. fantastic job … we all appreciate everyone’s dedication to such a great sport  Thank You!
Just a few minor comments: 1. We need to get club times for the outdoor courts ASAP 2. We have “hosts” for other indoor courts but not for Delbrook – what’s the reason for it? 3. Is our membership going down? if so, what implications would it have? 4. It would be good to summarize the benefits of the Club Membership so we can use it to convince people to join.1. Sadly there is no club play at this time.   We have been working through the closure on a plan to keep our players safe.  However, only when we have approval from the Parks on whose courts we play will we be able to announce club playing times.  We continue to advocate on your behalf. 2. Do you see that as a need?  Please let us know more about your thoughts.  While NSPC operates on outdoor courts and has no jurisdiction on pickleball in the community centers, we can bring those suggestions to the attention of community center programming staff. 3. Yes, registration is currently about half of 2019.  Luckily between the small fee increase and our savings, we are financially sound. 4. The benefits of Club membership are summarized on the website registration page.  There are many!  This year, we can also say we will be implementing a Covid Management Plan and procedures to keep members playing in an environment that is as safe as possible.
More “Drop In” days of the week and hours of play are needed at Delbrook Rec Centre throughout the winter. Noted that prior to scheduled pickleball drop ins on Mondays & Thursdays, the gym was sometimes empty…. could a clause be included in the earlier party’s contract that if they do not occupy the space within a certain time, it could be set up for pickleball? Just want the gym space to be optimally used and if there is any wiggle room, add it to the pickleball drop in play times!  We can pass that along to the Delbrook programming staff. However, they are juggling many community needs and don’t include us in their planning!
I feel there should be more open, regular communication and transparency between the board and membership. 2. In the spirit of inclusivity, an open call to all members for board membership and area representation might be good.Newsletters have been emailed to the whole membership monthly and sometimes more often.  Additionally, all Board minutes are posted on the NSPC website for the general public to read.  A call for Board nominees was posted on the website April 1 and April 15, and sent in an email to the whole 2019 membership on April 14.
I work full time. I would appreciate if we could have more dedicated evening court times in more facilities.  We wish!  We will forward this to community center programmers, but you should do so also. 
Is there going to be a pot luck held at MF on July 1st ?  The Ministry of Health has restricted gatherings like this for the foreseeable future.  Sadly, therefore, I don’t think we will be able to organize any socials this summer.