All Permit Times @ Murdo Frazer

Are Drop-In Now!

Good Etiquette means:

Warm-up, play one game and then exit the court so the next group can play.  

Please be patient if we don’t recognize you.  Hosts want to assure current members get the court time.     

Hasn’t it been wonderful to be playing outdoor doubles again!!

“How-To” Reminders:

1. Ask the host to put your name on the whiteboard when you arrive or after you finish your game.  Hosts will direct you to a court when one becomes available.

2. No one is to be left out.  A 3-some must become a 4-some before anyone goes onto an empty court.

3. As the club has committed to using the quietest balls possible, please use the balls provided, Onix 2 Pure or Penn 40.

PS  Please let the host do the writing and keep 2-m distance.