New In-House League for Beginners & Intermediates

NSPC has not attempted a league or ladder play previously, so there may be growing pains.   We will learn as we go.

League Objective

  • To provide a simple structured pier level system of play with a minimal amount of management required


  • Member of North Shore Pickleball Club
  • Skill level-from Beginner up to  3.49 


If you wish to enter a team in the league, or you have any further questions, email the league registrar:

Entries should include:  A team name, captain’s name, partner’s name and alternate’s name (if you may need one)with phone numbers and email addresses. The deadline for entries is August 26, 2021 with play beginning shortly thereafter.   When we know the number of teams participating, a schedule will be made and the team captains will be notified. 

Every team must re-apply or confirm continuation prior to a round robin set being completed

General Info

  • Teams composition can be any gender mix
  • Teams to be two (2) people, with a possible 3rd as an alternate
  • Team members and alternate players can only be associated with one team
  • Alternates are to be brought in when a regular team member cannot make a scheduled match and not as a third player for a given match
  • Depending on the number of teams there may be more than one Tier – see Tier Structure and Rules
  • Matches may be played indoors or outdoors although the League will start as an outdoor league which will end September 30/21
  • Additional teams may apply for entry at any time but may not be included until the start of the next round robin set
  • Long term partner changes may be allowed – see Tier Structure and Rules for conditions

Match Rules/Conditions

  • Matches shall be two games to 11 points, total points to determine the winning team
  • A game schedule will be created for each set of matches which will be a full round robin in each tier level, and will show home and away teams.
  • Home teams will arrange, with consent, match location, date and time.  All arrangements to be in respect of any Club permitted times or other common play or facility restrictions. This may mean observing white board rules and not being able to complete a match in a back to back format.
  • In the event a team does not show for a match or cannot complete a match they will be declared as the not winning team
  • All matches will be played in conformance with the IFP 2021 Rules
  • Adjustments to Tier level placements will be made at the completion of a round robin set
  • Two matches per week is the anticipated rate of play
  • All match results (scores, who won, who lost) are to be emailed to the match recorder after each match

Tier Structure and Rules

  • If more than 12 teams join the League, the teams will initially be allocated into more than one tier with play to be contained within each tier. In general each tier should have no more than 12 teams. This may result in multiple tiers being established.
  • With a mix of 12 teams per tier a round robin set should be completed every 5 weeks – enabling frequent tier adjustments
  • In the event a team withdraws completely, adjustments to the Tiers will be held until the end of the round robin set and that team would ‘lose’ all remaining games.
  • Adjustments to tier allocations will in general only be made between round robin sets
    • the bottom team in a tier may expect to be moved down a tier
    • the top team in a tier may be expected to move up a tier
    • any team with substantially a losing record may be moved down a tier
    • any team with a perfect winning record may be moved up a tier
  • In the event a team changes a player on a long term basis (not the incidental employment of their alternate), the newly formed team will continue in the same tier and only be adjusted on the basis of accumulated win loss records

Other Info

  • Additional rules may be created and implemented as Northshore Pickleball Club determines necessary
  • Communications will primarily be with team captains via email.
  • Disputes to be resolved by a trip to the woodshed