2022: What a Great Team Effort!

To everyone who pitched in this year, THANK YOU.

At our Appreciation events this week at Little Cates and Murdo we are giving out a cap or visor for you with our new/alternate logo (thanks to Lucinda Atwood). If we miss you, the caps will be kept until we connect again.

Round Robin Hosts: Wendy Holtan, Joan Burke, Jamie Machutchin, Meghan Kemp-Gee, Estha Parg Murenbeeld, Kit Chan, Diane Materi

Drop In Hosts MF: John Kennedy, Denys & Wendy Meakin, Susan Chang, Nonie Meger, Ann Watson, Diane Haigh, Maureen Rinfret, Kathy Godfrey, Sonya Margolles, Nari Rampersad, Susan Hingson, Aki Takeda, James Min, Jean Henry, Gord Henry, Toby Wei, Ilona Croft, Kit Chan, Vyna Kerrey

Drop In Hosts LC: Karen Wilson, Becky Brechin, Ernie Cumayas,

Court maintenance: Dave Visagie, Kurt Connell, Sue Anderson, Jake Coetzer

Ladder:   Tony Gill, Tina Norvell, Dan Hogan, Kit Chan, Karen Wilson, Vyna, Kerrey

Intro to PB: Heather Fleming, Maureen Jarman, Lorinda Rawlings, Lynda Shaw, Pat Crawford, Anne Watson, Anne Gallantree, Val Newman, Catherine Wheeler-Bishop, Eve Tay, Susan Holtom, Cheryl Young, Howard Ageson, Judy Ageson, Joe Chan

Socials: Shashi Shrivastava, Lorinda Rawlings, Ilona Croft, Nihat Tetiker

Website: Lucinda Atwood

Facebook: Jill Andersson

Schools Program: Maggie Murch, Erin Pope, Joan Burke, Jim Burke, Kelly Weal, Walter Knecht, Joanne Manson, Bruce Foskett , Linda Morrison, Jamie Machutchin, Dave Bissell, Stacie Graham, Kerry Strongman, Anne Gallantree, Mark Jones, John Tailford, Helen Martin

Board: Estha Parg Murenbeeld, Karen Wilson, Elvyna Kerrey, JoAnn Harrington, Randy Reimann, Kit Chan, Aki Takeda (secretary)

Registrar: Allan Gautier

West Vancouver Advisory Group: Anne Watson, Maureen Jarman, Sheri Shepard, JoAnn Harrington, Estha Parg Murenbeeld

LC Volunteers: Eve Tay, Karen Wilson, Heather Fleming, Howard Ageson, Judy Ageson, Joe Chan, Becky Brechin, Ernie Cumayas, Val Newman, Catherine Wheeler-Bishop, Kurt Connell, Sue Anderson, Lynda Shaw, Kerry Strongman, Dianna Latreille

DNV Council Speakers:  Debbie Burchill, Juan Sarmiento, Diana Marr, Sanford Osler, Barry Hogan and Val Newman. 

Volunteers of the Year:

WinnerDave VisagieBecky BrechinJake Coetzer
And …Elvyna KerreyKaren Wilson 

Sportsmanship Award Winners: Gord and Jean Henry