Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Club?

From the Murdo Frazer Potluck, Monday September 2.

1.    In what year did Lilly and Ed contact Parkgate and West Vancouver Recreation centers and lobby for playing times?

       A.  2004           B.  2007           C.  2010           D.  2013

2.    Our Pickleball BC president is a local person you may have played with and/or read his monthly newsletter.  His name is:

A. Allan            B. Bruce          C.  Charles          D. Walter

3.    The total number of permanent outdoor pickleball courts on the North Shore now number:

       A.  5                      B.  8               C.  10              D.  12

4.    The total number of outdoor tennis courts lined for pickleball on the North Shore now number:

       A.  0 – 10        B.  11 – 15     C.  16 – 20       D.  over 20

5.    North Vancouver City recently surveyed the public about park improvements and announced permanent pickleball courts will be added next year to:

       A.  Grand Blvd.  B.  Mahon  C.  Waterfront  D.  Harry Jerome

6.    A new community recreation center is being built in the Lions Gate Village with a full-sized gymnasium for basketball, volleyball, badminton, and pickleball.  It is scheduled to open:

       A.  2020        B.  2021        C. 2022        D.  its fiction!

7.    NSPC members have met at a number of pubs this winter.  Which location was NOT visited?

       A.  Red Lion          B.  Two Lions      C. Colony        D.  Raven

8.    The NSPC website has a background colour of:

       A. yellow         B.  green            C.  orange        D.  blue

9.    How many people have joined the NSPC in the last 3 months, June – August?

       A.  0 – 25       B . 25 – 50      C.  51 – 100       D.  over 100

10.  Our Facebook page currently has –?- followers.

       A.  0 – 50       B. 51 – 100      C.  101 – 200   D.  over 200

ANSWERS:  1- B, 2-D, 3-B, 4-A (6)**, 5-B, 6-A, 7-D, 8-A, 9-D (109), 10-B (98)

** Apologies that the number given at the Potluck was incorrect.

Pickleball Coming to Lions Gate Village in 2020

Excerpt from the DNV website:

We are building a new community recreation centre at 2035 Fullerton Avenue, in the heart of the new Lions Gate Village.

Features of the new centre will include:

  • a full-sized gymnasium with basketball, volleyball, badminton, and pickleball
  • an express library operated by North Vancouver District Public Libraries (NVDPL)
  • community spaces, including a meeting room, ‘living’ room with comfortable seating areas, and a kitchen for gatherings, classes, and group lunches
  • office space for community service groups, such as Capilano Community Services Society
  • a District owned public plaza with play spaces and outdoor seating

The new centre is scheduled to open in the spring of 2020. 


Mahon Park Pickleball Announced

From the City of North Vancouver website: Staff will now work with the consultant team to complete the detailed design based on the feedback received. The design will feature dedicated pickleball courts and a shared basketball court, fenced off-leash dog area, habitat restoration of the ravine edge and additional picnic tables.  An artificial turf play space will be optional depending on final cost estimates.

The detailed design process is proceeding, followed by a tender process. If there any construction proposals received within budget, construction will follow in the summer.


August News

The new permanent pickleball courts at Murdo Fraser are done!

Six courts are painted and lined and permanent nets are up for 5 of them.  One court next to the practice wall will require a portable net.  As of August 3 club play has resumed at Murdo Fraser, in lieu of Tempe Glen.  Come and check it out!

Little Cates has initiated a new “Novice to 3.0 only” session from 11-12 on Sundays and Wednesdays after the All-Play time (9:00 – 11:00) and will look into a possible evening time if we find it generates enough interest with those new to the game but work during the day.

Outdoor play for all levels continues mornings 9:00 – noon at Murdo Fraser and 9:30 – 12:00 at Marine & 29th.