October 2018 Social Outing

Our first Social Outing on October 4, 2018 at Sailor Hagar’s Pub was attended by about 32 people and we had a great “pickling session”. Everyone enjoyed socializing with fellow members and their partners.

Comments from the attendees about the venue of the outing were very positive and we are hoping for a bigger crowd for the next outing.

Inaugural Day at 29th & Marine

The District of West Van has completed the work at 29th and Marine Drive and there are 3 brand new pickleball courts in that location. Our heartiest congratulations are extended to our sport’s ambassadors-Ed and Lilly Orlovsky, who have dedicated years of hard work towards acquiring some dedicated courts on the North Shore. The courts look great!

Super Senior Saturday

Murdo Frazer hosted a special event to reinforce the notion that pickleball is a sport for all ages. 60 people attended the event which started at 9 am, and 55 of those in attendance brought their paddles and were ready to play.

It was an honour to introduce 7 of our SUPER SENIOR members. Our over-80 members in attendance were Ed and Lilly Orlovsky, Allan and Diana Marr, and John Kennedy. Two of our members playing on Saturday were 92 year old Elmer Helm and 90 year old Jack Hardy.  One court at Murdo was designated for the super seniors and they played several games over a few hours. We also had one game where Elmer, at 92 years of age, partnered up with Connor B, a 17 year old club member. Imagine a sport where the age difference of the partners is an amazing  75 years, and they played against two 80 year old players!

Thank you to our Super Seniors for giving us with some good entertainment, and for the inspiration you provide us.