North Shore Pickleball began with a vision of Lilly and Ed Orlovsky. They spent winters in Arizona where Pickleball was the game of choice. It wasn’t long before they became addicted to the game. In 2007, Lilly and Ed contacted Parkgate and West Vancouver Recreation centers and lobbied for playing times. In the very beginning at Parkgate, we played with three nets and hoped we would have enough players to fill the courts. As people on the North Shore began to hear about the game, it has exploded. Lilly and Ed continued to lobby for more times and we got Braithwaite, Gleneagles, and Delbrook. In addition, Lilly and Ed were able to get time on outdoor tennis courts and succeeded in having pickleball lines painted on a number of courts.

They solicited the help of Walter Knecht who became the overseer of all the North Vancouver pickleball venues while Lilly and Ed continued to manage the West Vancouver venues.  Walter introduced Picklemania, a very successful one-day tournament for North Shore players held at Parkgate.

In 2017, North Shore Pickleball became a Club; now North Shore Pickleball Club has over 400 members able to play indoors six days a week year-round and every dry day outdoors in the summer.  Our statistics indicate that over 4700 attended this outdoor play, with a daily average of 37 players from mid-May to early October 2019!

Board of Directors 2021-2022

Estha Parg MurenbeeldPresident & Communications
Karen Wilson Vice President & Little Cates Area Leader
Shashi ShrivastavaTreasurer
JoAnn HarringtonWest Vancouver Area Leader
Randy ReimannMurdo Frazer Area Leader
Betty EisenhauerMahon Area Leader
Kit ChanEquipment Manager
Maggie MurchTraining (not a Board Position)
Allan GauthierRegistrar (not a Board Position)