North Shore Pickleball began with a vision of Lilly and Ed Orlovsky. They spent winters in Arizona where Pickleball was the game of choice and it wasn’t long before they too became addicted to the game. In 2007, Lilly and Ed contacted Parkgate and West Vancouver Recreation centers to lobby for playing times. In the very beginning at Parkgate, we played with three nets and hoped we would have enough players to fill the courts. As people on the North Shore began to hear about pickleball, the game exploded.

Lilly and Ed continued to lobby for indoor pickleball and Braithwaite, Gleneagles and Delbrook each made gym time available. In addition, Lilly and Ed persuaded West Vancouver Parks to create three dedicated pickleball courts at 29th St. and add pickleball lines to District tennis courts as they were resurfaced.

By 2014 Patty Tougas and friends were also drawing lines on the practice area at Little Cates in order to play pickleball. Walter Knecht was asked to help and oversee the North Vancouver pickleball venues while Lilly and Ed continued to manage the West Vancouver venues. 

Walter introduced Picklemania, a very successful one-day tournament for North Shore players at Parkgate until 2018, before going on to create, and then become president of, Pickleball BC.

In just a few short years, thousands of North Shore residents of all ages have been introduced to pickleball by club members, the number of outdoor courts has increased, and indoor play is possible at several North and West Vancouver Recreation Centers.

By Year:

January 2017 – September 2017 Board: Walter Knecht, President, Silvia Simpson, Wendel Meyer (replaced Ann Hale in March 2017), Dennis Hoffman, Linda Sullivan, Pat Crawford.

Murdo Frazer Park: 5 courts officially painted/lined, 4 BYO net and one shared with tennis.

October 2017 -April 2018 Board: Linda Sullivan, President, Allan Gauthier, Dennis Hoffman, Georgia Hunter, Charles Neufeldt, Pat Crawford and Patty Tougas.

Little Cates Park: 2 courts officially painted/lined on the practice court.

May 2018 – April 2019 Board: Linda Sullivan, President, Allan Gauthier, Dale Harvey, Anne Watson, Larry Harper, Pat Crawford and Ed Orlovsky.

29th St. Courts: West Vancouver’s three dedicated/permanent 29th St courts are completed in October 2018.

The 2019-2020 Board: Heather Fleming, President, Allan Gauthier (who replaced Bruce Foskett in June), Dale Harvey, Anne Watson, Estha Parg Murenbeeld, Ron Precious and Larry Harper.

Vancouver Coastal Health grant is used to purchase 30 paddles and balls for a school’s program. Volunteers introduce pickleball to high school classes.

Murdo Frazer: In October 2019 five dedicated/permanent courts are opened.

Little Cates: NSPC petitions DNV Parks for 6 to 8 dedicate/permanent courts at Little Cates.

The 2020-2021 Board: Heather Fleming, President, Estha Parg Murenbeeld, Dale Harvey, Helen Martin, Shashi Shrivastava, Betty Eisenhauer, Karen Wilson, Oleh Ilnyckyj. Registrar (not board position): Allan Gauthier

Mahon Park: Four dedicated/permanent courts at Mahon Park open.

Provincial Health Orders related to the Covid pandemic close public courts for several months. First AGM held virtually/by survey. Google Sheets used to manage permitted doubles play at Murdo Frazer when courts re-open. Then doubles play is prohibited by PHO.

The 2021-2022 Board: Estha Parg Murenbeeld, President, Bettty Eisenhauer, Karen Wilson, Shashi Shrivastava, Randy Reimann, Kit Chan, JoAnn Harrington.

AGM again held virtually/by survey. Doubles play resumes in May.

The 29th St. courts are locked at 6-pm and WVD Parks announces that the 29th St. pickleball courts will be moved to Ambleside in 2022.

League play begins in August and a round robin tournament is held in September at Murdo Frazer.