Join Us!

We are an outdoor club playing on public outdoor courts between April and October.

Join NSPC or renew your membership This link will take you to the Pickleball Canada website.

Registrations beginning October 1st are valid for the whole next year.

Our annual fee:

  •     YOUTH 10 -18 years of age (as of Dec 31, 2023),   NSPC fee = $0.00
  •     SUPER SENIOR 80+ (as of Dec 31, 2023),                NSPC fee = $0.00
  •    ADULT 19+      (reduced for 2023 by $5)                   NSPC fee = $12.50

If you haven’t already joined a Canadian pickleball club you will also be charged:

  • the annual mandatory national (PCO) membership fee of $10 and 
  • provincial (PBC) fee of $2.50.  
  • a small processing fee on the PCO and PBC fees only.  

All fees are non-refundable.

How we use your registration information

Membership Benefits:

  • Participate in free organized club play at NSPC-permitted outdoor courts;
  • Receive our newsletter and invitations to pickleball events, socials, round robins and playing times;
  • Membership in Pickleball BC and Pickleball Canada
  • Insurance for third-party liability and medical expenses coverage (through Pickleball Canada)
  • Vote at our AGM;
  • Volunteer opportunities weekly, monthly or for special events ; (we’re fully volunteer-run)
  • Promote pickleball on the North Shore and impact the growth process in our community.

 Come play with us! Join NSPC or renew your membership.

We hold monthly free 2-hour Introduction to Pickleball sessions. For information on the next session, watch your newsletter, our Facebook page or email us at Sorry, we do not offer lessons because of our limited permit times. Check our Learn To Play page for a list of local coaches.

Why join North Shore Pickleball Club?

Political Clout 

We need political support to address our growing community pickleball needs. Municipal politicians are more eager to support clubs with a large number of voting citizens.

Good Community Citizens

We give back to the community by caring for the outdoor courts, and by advocating for new and improved facilities that everyone can use. 

Our website and Facebook pages keep the public informed of instruction opportunities, indoor play, and news & updates. 

We administer Playtime Scheduler’s Vancouver region. Playtime Scheduler is a web-based tool helping players find games and appropriate playing partners. 

We grow the pickleball community – NSPC volunteers provide free introduction to pickleball at the courts, through schools programs, and with community groups like Girls Guides.

How we use your registration information

Why play pickleball?

Fun, exercise and socializing

Pickleball is a fun game that’s growing rapidly around the world. It’s accessible, easy to learn, and social in nature. You don’t have to be in perfect physical shape because strategy is as important as strength. And the game’s rules and scoring method will give you a mental workout every time!

Live longer, smarter and better

Pickleball offers social contact, physical exercise, brain exercise, laughter, friendships, and connections; all things proven by research to help us live longer, smarter and better! (Successful Aging by neuroscientist Daniel J. Levitin provides practical, evidence-based guidance for living longer and better. His results align with our game.)  

Pickleball also allows people to continue to be active and engaged after injury or mobility issues prevent them from engaging in other sports, like tennis.