The 2022 Ladder Explained

1. Players mostly play with others of similar skill levels. There are 3 levels: 3.5+, 3.0-3.25, 2-2.75. Each skill level ladder play is managed by a ladder captain. 
2. Ranking on a ladder is based upon your winning percentage. The winning percentage is based on the ratio of points won to the total points possible. e.g. player 1- score is 11-9, the winning percentage is 11/11 is equal to 1.0. For player 2 who is on the losing team, the ratio is 9/11 or 0.818. 
3. Each skill level is divided into groups of 8 players. The goal is to have a minimum of 2 groups of 8 for each skill level. When more people join, more groups of 8 are created. A wait list is created for new  players that are not yet in a 8 person group. A newly added group is on the last rung of the ladder.  
4. Players play each other in teams of 2 within their group of 8 in a game to 11 but not required to win by 2.  The format is as follows:For week one: Players ranked 1, 3, 5, 7 play 3 games with one another with different partners. Players ranked 2,4,6,8 play each other. For week 2, players ranked 1,2,7,8 play each other and players ranked 3,4,5,6 play each other. The scores of the 6 games is added up for each player and the total is divided by the maximum points total of 66. The player who is first based on the winning percentage moves up to the group above and the player who is last moves down to a group below. (Note: The last person on the 3.5+ ladder moves down to 3.0-3.25 and the reverse applies for the 1st person on the 3.0-3.25 group etc.) 
5. The ladder games are played every week on 2 evenings of club time set aside for ladder games. The games are scheduled on a regular time depending on the skill level and groups within that skill level. If a player cannot make a scheduled game, (s)he is responsible for finding a replacement from the wait list for that skill level and also inform the Ladder Captain. The Ladder Captain may ask others players in the same skill level to fill in for a missing player.  
6. The player schedule and time will be published on then NSPC website at least 48 hours before the ladder play. If a player does not inform the Ladder Captain at least 24 hours before and simply do not show up for a scheduled game, that is considered a no show. Any player who have 2 no shows will be moved from an active player list to the wait list. 
7. If there are 4 or more players in the wait list but less than 8, they may contact one another for games amongst themselves. These games don not count as ladder games played. 
8. At the beginning of the season, two round robins are used to establish ranking within each skill level of the ladder. Each player draws a randomly assigned player number. In the 1st round robin, each player plays 7 games with different partners within each group of 8 players. Each is given a winning percentage from the results. In the 2nd round robin, the top 8 players with the highest winning percentage from the 1st round robin play in the 1st group of 8 . The second group of 8 play in the next group, etc. The ranking for the ladder is then established based on the winning percentage of each player from the 2nd round robin.

Picklemania IV

Thank you to our members who registered in the Picklemania 2019 tournament. We regret that Picklemania has been cancelled this year. Compared to the same time last year, registration was down. We heard that Picklemania was scheduled at the same time as another tournament in the USA, the biggest tournament on the West Coast, including Oregon and Washington. It seems that many couldn’t resist that kind of challenge and weekend away!

We hope you will enter Picklemania next year. All suggestions welcome for improving our tournament.

With the good weather just around the corner, we will consider hosting some outdoor tournaments at the outdoor locations this summer.

Picklemania III

The North Shore Pickleball Club held a very successful one-day tournament on March 24, 2018.  We had 78 entries in two separate formats: a rotating partner format, and a fixed partner format.

Thank you to all the volunteers who worked tirelessly to help make this third annual tournament a success:   on the food side – Georgia Hunter, Ann Hale, Ann Westwood, Diane Brothers, and Pat Crawford; on the registration desk, scoring desk and marshalling – Linda McIntosh, Paulette Cloutier, Lorinda Rawlings, Ed Orlovsky, Estha Murenbeeld,  Anis Kanji, Chris Minions, Ginny Minions, Gael Hannula, Patty Tougas; and, for assisting with set up / take down, Jo-Ann Elliott and Ivy Hung.

We also would like to thank the tournament director, Charles Neufeldt, and the NS Pickleball Club President, Linda Sullivan who supervised the day’s events.

Thank you to all the sponsors:

  • Manta World Sport
  • Cono Sur by Authentic Wines
  • Bean Around the World
  • Parkgate Farm Market
  • Safeway
  • Rackets and Paddles

Thank you also to all the people who donated and collected the door prizes—15 in total, which included wine, coffee cards, pickleballs, a sport bag, and shirts.  Thank you Dennis Hoffman, Patty Tougas, Pat Crawford, Georgia Hunter and Allan Gauthier.

Thank you to all the participants who entered our third annual Picklemania tournament at Parkgate; and thank you to all the spectators who showed up to cheer on their family and friends during the day.


Women’s Doubles 3.0 Random

Gold: Diane Haigh
Silver: Mary Maddock
Bronze: Joanne Lord

Women’s Doubles 3.5 Random

Gold: Salma Mitha
Silver: Gana Hamilton
Bronze: Becca Stuve

Men’s Doubles 3.0 & 3.5 Random

Gold: Robert Calkins
Silver: Brian Jordan
Bronze: Norm Rettie

Open Doubles 4.0 Random

Gold: David Thomas
Silver: Richard Lee
Bronze: Catalin Costea

Open Doubles 4.5 Random

Gold: Charles Neufeldt
Silver: Leah S
Bronze: Tyler Jones

Mixed Doubles 3.0

Gold: Dan Schroeter and Linda Wolfenden (not pictured)
Silver: Stuart Cameron and Lily Orlovsky
Bronze: Gale Pilkington and Brian Jordan (not pictured)

Mixed Doubles 3.5

Gold: Richard Lee and Mona Lee
Silver: Becca Stuve and Mark Stuve
Bronze: Esther Giang and Brendan Manansala (not pictured)

Mixed Doubles 4.0+

Gold: Charles Neufeldt and Leah S
Silver: Nancy Leung and Mark Jones
Bronze: Gana Hamilton and Catalin Costea

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Other Tournaments

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