The 2022 Ladder Explained

Players mostly play with others of similar skill levels. There are 3 levels: 2-2.75, 3.0-3.25, and 3.5+. Each skill level ladder play is managed by a ladder captain

Game Schedule

Monday nights, Division 2 (Higher Intermediate)  and Division 3 (Lower Intermediate) play on alternate Mondays. Groups A & B play at 6-pm and Groups C & D play at 7-pm.

Thursday nights, Division 1 (Advanced) Groups A & B play at 6-pm, groups C & D play at 7-pm.

All games played outdoors, weather permitting, at Murdo Frazer courts. If play is cancelled due to the weather, a notice of cancellation is put on Instagram around 4-pm and an email is sent out to participants.

To add your name to the ladder waitlist please go the members’ area to register.

Groups of Eight

Each skill level is divided into groups of eight players. Ideally there are at least two groups of eight players for each skill level. Players play each other in teams of two within their group.

As more players join, more groups of eight are created, and a waitlist is created for players not yet in a group. Newly added groups are on the last rung of the ladder.  


Games are to 11 but teams are not required to win by two points.

Each player’s scores from all 6 games are totaled then divided by 66 (maximum possible points).

The player who is first (based on the winning percentage) moves up a group. The player who is last moves down a group.

The last person in the ranking ladder moves down a ranking. For example, the last person in the 3.5+ ranking moves down to 3.0-3.25. Similarly, the first person in a ranking moves up to the next ranking.

How we establish ranking at the Onset of the Ladder

At the beginning of the season, two round robins are used to establish ranking within each skill level.

In the first round robin, each player played seven games with different partners within a group of eight players. Each player was given a winning percentage from the results.

In the second round robin, the top eight players with the highest winning percentage from the first round robin played in the first group of eight. The players with the next highest winning percentages play in the next group of eight, and so on.

The ranking for the ladder is then established based on each player’s winning percentage from the second round robin.

How does ranking work?

Ranking on a ladder is based upon your winning percentage. The winning percentage is based on the ratio of points won to total possible points. For example, if a game score is 11-9, Player A’s winning percentage is 11/11, which is equal to 1.0. The losing team players’ winning percentage is 9/11 or 0.818. 

No shows

If a player can’t make a scheduled game, they’re responsible for finding a replacement from the waitlist for their skill level. They must also inform the Ladder Captain who may ask others players in the same skill level to substitute.  

Missing the game without informing the Ladder Captain at least 24 hours in advance is considered a no show. Any player with 2 no shows will be moved from an active player list to the waitlist. 

If there are 4-8 players on the waitlist, they may play each other but those games aren’t considered part of the ladder.