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Dear North Shore Pickleball Community, New and Returning Members,

Why join NSPC?

Top 3 reasons:  You will live longer, smarter and better!!

Neuroscientist Daniel J. Levitin’s 2020 book Successful Aging provides a practical, evidence-based guidance for living longer and better.  Playing pickleball really links up with this book.  Pickleball offers people social contact, physical exercise, brain exercise, laughter, friendships, connections, the means of staying engaged and much more.  All things that help us live longer, smarter and better!

Reasons 4 – 7:

#4 Political Clout:  We need political support to address our growing community pickleball needs and municipal politicians are more eager to support clubs with a large number of voting citizens.

#5 Good Community Citizens:  We give back to the community by advocating for new and improved facilities for everyone’s use and by caring for the outdoor courts.  Our website and Facebook pages keep the public informed of instruction opportunities, indoor pickleball play and updates to Provincial Health Orders.  Additionally, our adoption this year and administration of the Vancouver region in the Playtime Scheduler website tool provides opportunities for everyone to find appropriate playing partners.  We have listened to community concerns and reached out to affected individuals.

#6 Stay Active Longer: Pickleball allows people to continue to be active and engaged long after injury and/or mobility issues have prevented them from playing tennis or other sports.

#7.  We Grow the Pickleball Community: NSPC volunteers provide free introduction to pickleball at the courts and through programs for schools and community groups like Girls Guides.

Pickleball in 2020

Despite the challenges of Covid-19, we enjoyed a successful 2020 outdoor pickleball season on the North Shore.  Most importantly, we kept our members safe on the courts.  In 2020, our club membership reached 434 members, 35% being new members.  As well, your NSPC board successfully liaised with the local municipalities and were rewarded with 4 new courts at Mahon, shared courts at Tempe, dedicated club court time at Murdo Frazer, Fall and Winter outdoor court access, which all added to our 3 dedicated pickleball courts in West Vancouver at 29th and Marine St, and 5 dedicated courts in Murdo Frazer Park in the District of North Vancouver.

Work In Progress

We continued to advocate for an East of Seymour Pickleball play expansion.  In August, a team of volunteers surveyed 45 DNV outdoor courts in 19 locations, 6 times within one week.  We discovered that the current court utilization level East of Seymour was only 31%.

NSPC has commenced advocacy for a dedicated Northshore Indoor Pickleball facility via the Sports and Recreation Advisory Council Needs Assessment update and we are participating in the creation of a city-wide outdoor pickleball league.  At this time we are also preparing a permit application for club play this summer at Murdo Frazer, Mahon, Tempe and Little Cates and considering the equipment needs for these sites.

All this is a possible because of dedicated volunteers.  We need your help.

Consider putting your name forward to be part of the NSPC Board, participate on our facility expansion task team or take on a specific job like technical support, corporate sponsorship or equipment manager.  Or skip the meetings and volunteer to be a court host.  Things only get done through member engagement and hands-on participation: there’s no paid staff!!

The membership fee for our next year, May 1, 2021 until April 30, 2022 will be the same $17.50 as in previous years. When you register, Pickleball Canada and Pickleball BC will collect $10 and $2.50 each respectively for a total this year of $30 plus service charges.

As a member you will have:

  • a vote at our Annual General Meeting in May,
  • automatic membership in Pickleball BC and Pickleball Canada,
  • insurance for third-party liability and medical expenses. [For more information on insurance, please go to the Pickleball Canada website.]
  • a volunteer board advocating for more pickleball on the North Shore.
  • free organized club play at Murdo Frazer, Little Cates, Mahon and 29th & Marine Drive outdoor courts;
  • notification of pickleball events;
  • updates about playing times and level of play;

By purchasing your annual membership, you help us promote pickleball on the North Shore and have a say in how the growth process occurs.  Come play with us!


Executive of the North Shore Pickleball Club