Where to Play on the North Shore


July 11 – Sept 29, 2020

Mondays: 6-8pm

Tuesdays: 9 – noon

Thursdays: 9 – noon & 6 – 8pm

Saturdays: 9 – noon

Members were sent a link to a Google sheet where they can “book” a court time during hosted play.

Little Cates has its own booking sheet. To play there please email NSPC for more information.

These are the new protocols, driven by Provincial and local Covid Management requirements. When you arrive at the courts:

1. Please enter by the back/south gate where the host is sitting;

2. You will be asked to affirm you have NOT:

  • experienced cold or flu-like symptoms in the last 14 days;
  • been in close contact with anyone else who has had these symptoms in the last 14 days;
  • been in close contact with anyone who has traveled outside Canada in the last 14 days;

3. You will asked to affirm that you have read and agree to abide by the Covid Management Plan implemented by NSPC and the club-appointed host.

4.  Your name will then be recorded for the purposes of contact tracing;

5. You and your play partners will be assigned a court for one hour of play.  Please remain with that group for the hour.  If you’ve come without partners, we will endeavor to find a group for you.

6. You will be asked to use your hand sanitizer or the one provided.

7. Sanitized balls will be available for your use.

8. Please exit the court area quickly when your time is up.

IF or WHEN You Play Pickleball ….

Municipal guidelines are posted at each court location.  We have considered additional recommendations from local, provincial and international sources to produce our own Safe Pickleball Play Policyfor when club-hosted play resumes. 

We ask all members to read and adopt these practices for their own pickleball play.  Know that these recommendations will evolve as we go through the stages of Covid-19 opening process.
A.    Physical Distancing 

  • Stay home if you are sick or think you have come in contact with someone who is sick (14 days).
  • Maintain physical distancing. 
  • Play with a limited number of people. It’s safest to keep an individual sphere of contacts to 8 people or less, or play only with known partners.
  • Do not enter early or linger on the court area.  Move outside of fenced court area if the waiting area is less than 2 meters wide.  No large groups of players assembling off court.
  • Do not go to the courts to “watch.” 

B.    Cleanliness:

  • Bring your own container of hand sanitizer and use it before and after your games.
  • Avoid touching your face until you have washed your hands.
  • No sharing of equipment, chairs, water bottles etc.
  • Avoid touching surfaces with your hands where possible (gates, nets, fencing, benches).
  • Clean all balls if there is a change of people on court or after each game.
  • No paddle taps at the end of the game.
  • If there are no dividing fences between courts, when possible, use alternating courts only. If your ball travels to another court, ask the player to kick your ball back to you. 

When You Play on Public Courts …

May we suggest:

  • Be kind and patient.  Not everyone has adopted the same Safe Play Policy. 
  • Discuss yourSafe Play Policybefore playing with your pickleball partners.
  • Limit your court time to 1/2 hour if players are waiting.

Outdoor Play Cost

Club play is free for NSPC members! Click here to register.

Indoor Play Times

The Community Centers will be offering pickleball this fall on a pre-registration basis. West Vancouver Recreation and NVRC both require that you have an account before you can book your spot.

At Parkgate, JBCC and Delbrook your spot may be booked Mondays beginning at 9-am. West Vancouver and Gleneagles registration begins Wednesdays, 8-am for West Vancouver residents and 10-am for others.

On the NVRC site, look under “Registered Public Sessions”, not “Programs.”

Drop in fees apply. Check your local Community Centre website for rates.