Where to Play on the North Shore

Location of Public Courts:

Club Play:

The permit occupies 17% of total court time per week. NSPC will provide a portable net on court 6 during our permit times. The other 83% of the court time at Murdo Frazer is open to the public from 8-am to 8-pm. (Courts are locked at night.)

Drop in and Skills sessions are open to members of all skill levels. The Ladder, Round Robin and Intro to Pickleball sessions require previous sign ups. Check your club emails for sign up links and instructions.

LITTLE CATES: Four new dedicated courts opened July 27! An application for permits for these courts was made and denied (July 28/2022). However, friendly inclusive rotational play continues every morning and many afternoons.

Where to Play?

NSPC membership now exceeds 600 people.  While a two-hundred of those are new to the club and/or the game, many more of us are long time members and players.  We have always been a friendly group to play with.  And we do so at multiple locations.

In the “old days”, the club operated by putting up nets for club play.  Now with permanent nets at three locations we are sharing with the public, except when we are given permits.   Here are your options for club play this summer.

1. Normanby Park, West Vancouver.

Normanby Park hosts four temporary pickleball courts on the north tennis court. These will remain until new permanent courts are constructed. The first three permanent courts on the North Shore at 29th St. were permanently closed in April 2022.

NSPC has no permit to play, but the pickleball community is welcoming and congenial. NSPC has installed a whiteboard on the fence for use when players are waiting.

We understand from some of the regular players that their system is whoever shows up gets to play obviously and, when more people arrive, either familiar players or newcomers, the current players usually finish their game or two at the most and then sit out (assuming all courts are busy) and make a court available to the new arrivals or invite them to play.

They are a socially friendly group respecting the growing sport and go out of their way to make all newcomers and beginners welcome.

This appears to work better than the 30 min posted rule, although it is recognized some people may insist on playing 30 mins as that is the municipal rule.”

2. Little Cates, North Vancouver District

A fun-loving group continues to play at Little Cates on the four new dedicated opened July 27! An application for permits for these courts was made and denied (July 28/2022). However, friendly inclusive rotational play continues every morning and many afternoons.

Two more dedicated courts are being constructed at Myrtle Park this summer 2022!

3. Mahon, North Vancouver City

Lots of new players are discovering the four permanent courts at Mahon.  They are particularly busy weekends and evenings.  Play is limited to a 1/2 hour and a paddle on the fence is the method used to determine next-up. NSPC has no permit to manage club play although some club members play here. 

4.  Other Public Courts

During public play times, you may get your own court, make your own rules, etc.. Check below for a list of full public pickleball courts on the North Shore.

5. Murdo Frazer, North Vancouver District

  • The role of pickleball open club play is to allow as many players as possible to practice and learn from each other as possible in a friendly, competitive environment.  Open club pickleball play is inclusive; all skill levels are welcome.  There are no set partnerships in open club pickleball. 

What does open club rotational play look like?

You can google it and get the rules from any number of clubs.  Here are the basics.

  • Hosts will write your name on the whiteboard, always trying to balance the games and include everyone.
  •  Players will be invited onto open courts in whiteboard order.
  • After a warmup and one game, please vacate the court and sign up again!
  • If the next-up box has 3 names only, no-one goes onto the open courts until that threesome becomes a foursome. 
  • Respect the hosts and your fellow members.  Its just for fun! 
  • Respect and comply with on-going covid protocols that are posted on the doors of the court.

Indoor Play Times

Check the NVRC and West Vancouver Leisure Guides for the latest on session times.

As of September 17, 2021 North and West Vancouver Recreation are providing for indoor play and lessons.  In all cases you must register online to reserve your place each week.

Book A Court = reserve one court for four people for one hour, or

Book a Visit = Join rotational play with 20+ people for 2-hrs or so

Interested in beginners’ lessons?  Classes at all recreation centers are limited and fill quickly.  Register asap.

This isn’t near enough indoor play time for our 600+ members and other community players and we’ve let NVRC and WVD Parks know we need much more and a dedicated indoor facility!  In the meantime, if you are aware of suitable spaces that could be rented for pickleball play, let us know.